Worlds End defined

Worlds End, West Sussex, has been described as "limbo land" being divided by more than one authority boundary - 'Everyone’s border but no single body’s responsibility'.

Although it appears on all Ordnance Survey maps, its boundaries are imprecise. The Association considers it to be the area of a quarter mile circle, centred around the Watermill pub, with branches along the four roads that meet there:- Janes Lane to the county boundary, Junction Road to the railway crossing, Leylands Road to the Windmill pub, Valebridge Road to the viaduct.

At Wivelsfield Station railway bridge, three town ward and three district ward boundaries meet. The railway also separates two of the West Sussex county council wards. For historical reasons the station name is of a village three miles away but the station is located in the middle of Worlds End!

The county boundary is the footpath across Ote Hall Farm behind Janes Lane. It then divides Charlwood Road and meanders through the back gardens along Valebridge Road as far as the ponds thereby placing a part of Wivelsfield parish within Worlds End!

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